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... Breaking out of relationship ruts Breaking out of relationship ruts

26 October 2007

Relationships can fall into a rut. Deciding how to deal with a problem and add a fresh spark into your romance can be helped by identifying what type of rut you are in and acting accordingly.

If it's a conflict rut you are in, going over the same small issues without solving them, then it may be time to adopt a new style of discussion, reports CNN.

It can also help to take a break from the arguing, how ever hard this may seem, and do something you both enjoy.

Making sure you listen to each other can also be the best option, as some problems do not need to be solved, according to psychologist Howard Markman, such as conflicts about money or in-laws, but couples just need to feel that they are heard.

Sexual elements of a relationship can also become boring, often leading to a lack of physical contact.

Relighting the spark doesn't have to take place in the bedroom. Doing something thrill-seeking such as going to an amusement park can give u both a rush and leave you both desperate to run home for some one-on-one time.

Communication can also become an area which is neglected in long term relationships. Many couples find that they spend all their talk time discussing household issues or their finances and do not have time to really have fun together or to talk about their day or their dreams.

A solution to this can be to do an activity together which does not focus around talking. This will build the connection between you.

Steven Stosny, a marriage therapist, said: "When couples feel connected, men want to talk more and women need to talk less."ADNFCR-1043-ID-18333055-ADNFCR