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... Bedroom makeovers 'will boost romance' Bedroom makeovers 'will boost romance'

1 July 2008

British couples are being put off getting intimate with their partner because their bedrooms do not have the right ambience, according to experts.

A survey by mydeco, it was revealed that a quarter of Britons rated their sex life as 'average', while the same number said theirs was awful.

People are so underwhelmed by sex that around 40 per cent said they would rather read a book or a newspaper than share some alone time with their partner.

According to a further 22 per cent, the television was more appealing than making love with their other half, website reports.

Experts at mydeco said the problem lies in the fact that UK couples have not created the right mood in their bedrooms.

They suggested carrying out a bedroom makeover by painting it red to bring out passion or investing in lots of good foam pillows and silk sheets.

According to the experts, a waterbed is also a good idea if you want to spice things up in the bedroom.

They reminded men and women that while pyjamas may be snugly, they are not exactly the most attractive of garments to be wearing to entice your partner.