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... Are you sure it isn't you? Are you sure it isn't you?

7 January 2008

A new self-help book claims it can help women overcome their personal obstacles to relationship contentment.

Don't Be That Girl is based on author Travis Stork's experiences as a doctor, mental and emotional health expert and star of The Bachelor, a US reality TV show that saw him date 25 women in a bid to find a partner.

"It may not actually be the man that's at fault; it may be you," Dr Stork told the Daily Mail.

"He may not necessarily afraid of commitment. He may only be afraid of a commitment with you."

The book says there are eight main categories of lady - agenda girl, yes girl, drama queen girl, bitter girl, insecure girl, desperate girl, working girl, lost girl - and that these aren't mutually exclusive, meaning one woman can belong to more than one category.

Dr Stork provides a 'love prescription' after listing the symptoms of each, enabling female readers to identify their own personality type and, if they so choose, take the recommended remedial action.