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... Aggressive women 'more likely to have boys' Aggressive women 'more likely to have boys'

17 June 2008

Aggressive and dominant women are more likely to have baby boys, according to new research.

A study conducted in New Zealand found that women with higher levels of testosterone in their womb are more prone to giving birth to boys than little girls.

The researchers said this is because the sperm which goes towards producing boys survives better in a testosterone-filled environment in the womb.

The study was conducted among cows and also revealed that women under stress or feeling anxious are more likely to have boys because their testosterone levels are higher.

Commenting on the study, Dr Valerie Grant of Auckland University, said: "Results showed that follicular testosterone levels were significantly higher for subsequently male embryos."

The research suggests that sex selection is not just down to random chance, but based on a number of factors.