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... Aggressive males behind the steering wheel Aggressive males behind the steering wheel

22 April 2008

Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus that must explain why they are so different behind the wheel.

New research has found that men's more aggressive driving can be put down to their cavemen genes.

According to a study by esure, men today may still be under the control of their hunter-gatherer genes.

Professor Geoffrey Beattie of Manchester University said: "Much of the circuitry of the human brain evolved to meet the requirements of societies and cultures very different from our own, those of the hunter gatherer that existed for over 99 per cent of our evolution as a species.

"Our 21st century skulls contain essentially 'stone-age' brains, and this can help to explain the differences between the sexes in terms of their risk-proneness while driving."

While these genes may have been beneficial to stone-age men, who had to use their aggressive behaviour to find food and provide for their family, it is not so clear that aggressive male behaviour is appropriate behind the steering wheel.