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1 January 1900

Mary Balfour gives some hot tips for successful dating gained from over ten years experience of running two of the country's
best known personal introduction agencies . Click on any section headings for more of Mary's personal advice.

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Personal safety

Don't give
out your address, home or office phone number or your e-mail till your sure you can trust the person. Mobile phones aren't usually traceable.

Always arrange
to meet in a public place

Always have your own transport home. Politely refuse a lift.size="2">

Never meet for longer than one-and-a-half hours on a first date. End the
date leaving lots more to discover

Ensure your answer-phone message is user friendlysize="2">

Avoid leaving messages on answer-phones. Persevere till you can speak personally to your quarry.face="Arial">

Don't talk long on the phone and avoid very personal topics.size="2">

nervousness by owning up to it.

‘danger topics' of conversation on a first date

Don't talk
your head off or collude with your date who's doing this.

answers to tricky first date questions

Don't expect
to be able to judge your date's relationship potential on a first
meeting. If you could be ‘just friends' try and see them

Finishing a
date when you're NOT SURE if you want to see the person again

How to end a
date when you're certain you DON'T want to meet again

Finishing a
date when you DO want to see them again

offer to split the bill, but accept graciously if your date
really wants to pay.

Have fun! Relax
and enjoy yourself!



dating what's the recipe?
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