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... A nation of fragrance hoarders A nation of fragrance hoarders

28 October 2008

As the credit crunch bites, millions of British men are using bottles of aftershave bought more than ten years ago to save themselves money, new research reveals.

Figures from Sheila's Wheels home insurance show that 23 per cent of men are spending less now on fragrances than they were six months ago.

An aftershave can often form part of a woman's attraction to a man on a date, but research reveals that too many men are putting on a splash of very Old Spice.

Figures show that 17 per cent of men still have an aftershave that is at least ten years old.

But women too are hoarding their perfumes, keeping six bottles at any one time, the survey of 1,000 adults found.

A massive 23 per cent of women said they currently own ten or more bottles of perfume.

The figures show that 28 per cent of men and women choose a certain brand of perfume because it makes them feel more confident or sexy.

Jacky Brown at Sheilas' Wheels home insurance said: "We seem to be a nation of hoarders and big spenders when it comes to our perfumes and aftershaves. Men hoard their old aftershaves, possibly out of forgetfulness, but also because the smell of some brands is nostalgic - it reminds them of the past and different eras.

"Women are a lot more practical and don't hang on to perfumes for years - but they do tend to keep a bigger collection to have a variety of fragrances at hand to fit the right occasion or mood."