Director, 39, 'Ashford' - Maidstone, Kent, South East (UK)

"I'd like to meet my match "

Well, I don't think I'm asking for much - I just want to spend time with someone who can keep up with me! I love being active (play hockey,tennis, love running - ok jogging to be more specific!), being outdoors, being spontaneous and anything that makes me laugh! I like experiencing new places and cultures etc. and as long as it doesn't involve jumping off a viaduct tied to an alastic band, I'll try anything once!

I have a great bunch of friends who all seem to be settling down and doing 'couply' things - I'm always welcome but would like to share these things with someone.

Most of all I want to date someone who can be a friend and who makes me laugh (although it does turn into a bit of a high pitched giggle after not too many vodkas!) and someone who inspires me.