Teacher, 39, Oxford, Oxfordshire, South East (UK)

"Scottish Girl Lost in England "

Been in England for 10 years now but still miss home sometimes. I have a great set of friends but still seem to be looking for that elusive 'one'.
Well what to tell you about me I am 34 and from a small new town in Fife Scotland. Also lived in a town at the bottom of Loch Ness for 7 years. Afraid I didn't manage to see the monster!
Currently living in the 'joy' that is Peterborough. I really enjoy going to the theatre and luckily it's part of my job. I am not your usual mad Drama teacher in fact most of my friends say I am fairly drama free😜.
I love to travel and I am always looking to go to new places be that abroad or in the uk. ( the joy of almost 12 weeks off a year helps with that!). I also really enjoy a good film be that a good weepy or a bit of Tarantino.