PhD student, 37, Oxford, Oxfordshire, South East (UK)

"Dance like there's no one watching "

I find it hard to say who I'm interested in. I guess I'm like a lychee at the supermarket - most people are interested in apples and oranges and bananas, since they're perfectly tasty, and you know what you're getting. I'm looking for someone who doesn't mind trying out something a bit unusual, even if it isn't obviously their cup of tea. After all, lychees have feelings too (even if they lack a central nervous system).

I have four basic criteria for a guy - they have to be physically attractive to me, intelligent, have the same sense of humour (note: I did not say a <good> sense of humour), and they have to be a good person. I realise that's a bit generic, but who ever knows who they're going to like in real life? You can look perfect in pixel, but your immune system may simply not be right for mine. So, really, I'm new in the area, and looking to meet some nice people, and maybe, depending on your taste in fruit, humour, and your Major Histocompatibility Complex, more.