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Teacher, 38, Ipswich, Suffolk, South East (UK)
went to Oxford university to do my degree in Biology then trained to be a teacher. Now undertaking an MEd part time aswell

Languages Spoken:
French, German - loosely that is

Musical Instruments played:
i played the glockenspiel at primary school - does that count?

Sports and exercise:
Gym, Netball

Interests and activities:
Eating Out, Health and Fitness, Pubs, Reading, Travel, TV

Animals and Pets:
not right now but a dog for me please

Newspapers and magazines:
New Scientist, The Times

Enjoyable evening out:
I like to eat out and meet for drinks. I enjoy trying new things - going to gigs, plays, the cinema - I am up for most things really!

Favourite Dishes:
Chicken Tikka

Ideal Holiday:
Whitewater rafting in the Rockies

Affectionate, Creative, Friendly, Positive, Practical, Reliable, Sociable