PhD student, 37, Oxford, Oxfordshire, South East (UK)
I'm doing a PhD in emerging infectious disease control policy.

Currently a PhD student

I'm originally from Canada, but have lived in the UK for 14 years. I still sound 'North American', but I prefer to think of it as a strong regional accent.

I am a bleeding heart liberal. I care about the environment, global health, education, poverty, and foreign policy. However, I'm not prejudiced - some of my best friends are Conservatives.

Languages Spoken:
French, Mandarin, They left out Latin and Ancient Greek. Doesn't this site know how useful they are in everyday life?

Musical Instruments played:
I play the violin and piano to a moderately not-incompetent level, and I sing. With large groups of other people.

Music Enjoyed:
Blues, Choral, Classical, Heavy Rock, Opera, Pop, Soft Rock, 60's music, 70's music, 80's music, 90's music, The word has been used and abused, so I'll shy away from 'eclectic'. I'm pretty open to listening to lots of different kinds of music.

Sports and exercise:
Canoeing, Fencing, Gym, Martial Arts, Swimming, I'm infamously clumsy, so I prefer to stay away from sports where a single flail of a limb can lead to dismemberment or death. Having said that, I do enjoy white water kayaking and canoeing, and I was into Jiu Jitsu for a long time before an injury stopped me from training.

Interests and activities:
Ballet, Concerts, Cooking, Dancing (ballroom), ...ceroc, ...nightclub, . ..salsa, Friends, Politics, Reading, Singing, Theatre, Writing

Newspapers and magazines:
Economist, New Scientist, Time Out, The Times

My PhD keeps me busy reading really dull things, so it's usually fairly braindead stuff on holiday - Harry Potter, Georgette Heyer, some sci fi/fantasy, lots of non-fiction.

Favourite Films:
Kind Hearts and Coronets, Star Wars, Terminator, Alas, the list didn't include Lord of the Rings.

Enjoyable evening out:
Art Gallery, Cinema, Meal, Pub, Salsa night, Nightclub, Theatre, I love doing all sorts of stuff, and even if I've not tried something before, as long as it's safe and relatively sane, I'll go along and look a right prat.

Favourite Dishes:
Again, I'll try pretty much anything. I love cooking, and I reckon I'm rather good at it, but that just means I appreciate other peoples' cooking all the more.

Ideal Holiday:
I'd love to go to China, to brush up my Mandarin and look around. I'm also rather partial to Greece, both the azure Mediterranean and the antiquities. Art galleries anywhere, or doing any kind of water sports.

In another life:
Marie Curie, Mozart, an author, a dancer, a musician. I wouldn't mind being reincarnated as Supreme Majestic Being of All the Universe. At least I'd have some say in which films are shown on TV over Christmas.

Eccentric, Humorous, Imaginative, Intellectual