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Women feel happy when their husband or partner is upset
New research suggests that women feel happy when they see their husband or partner upset.The study f... [Read More] 1391
Single phobia
Single phobia Now there is an official name for the fear of the terrifyingly exotic world of singled... [Read More] 1392
Census shows Irish marriage splits rising
The 2011 Census for Ireland revealed an increase in both marriages and divorces . More than 200,000 ... [Read More] 1394
Uncover the Secrets of Lasting Couples
Relationships are never easy. And the longer you stay in a relationship, the easier it is to drift i... [Read More] 1395
Divorces linked to social media
Facebook is increasingly seen as a major factor in marriage breakdowns with lawyers now using the si... [Read More] 1364
Four Costly Mistakes of Divorcing Women
Recent surveys of divorce lawyers have highlighted four new areas that can cost women when getting d... [Read More] 1363
Four top romantic places for dating in London
London is one of the most romantic cities in the world, if you know where to find the right places a... [Read More] 1365
Dating Scams: An introduction
Being a UK based dating site that has been around for a number of years we have seen how scammers wo... [Read More] 1381
20 Best Places to Kiss in Ireland
An article in Authentic Ireland lists the 20 best places in Ireland to kiss. Here are our top 12: 1)... [Read More] 1380
Same-Sex Marriage Receives Big Support in Ireland
According to a new Red-C opinion poll 73% of people support same-sex marriage in Ireland.This shows ... [Read More] 1379