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Divorces linked to social media
Facebook is increasingly seen as a major factor in marriage breakdowns with lawyers now using the si... [Read More] 1364
Four Costly Mistakes of Divorcing Women
Recent surveys of divorce lawyers have highlighted four new areas that can cost women when getting d... [Read More] 1363
Four top romantic places for dating in London
London is one of the most romantic cities in the world, if you know where to find the right places a... [Read More] 1365
Divorced men keener to re-marry than divorced women
A new survey reveals that men are much more likely to get over a stressful and complicated break-up ... [Read More] 1378
Black women dating white men
An interesting article over at highlights this increasing phenomenon an... [Read More] 1376
50% British Single women don't care if they get married
50% British Single women don't care if they get marriedA recent survey has revealed the startin... [Read More] 1374
Scientists prove flowers really are a turn-on for girls
“Flowers activate romance and act as a facilitator in dating,”are some of the results stated by Dr ... [Read More] 1362
Silver Separations: Rising Divorces In the UK
Such is the rapid increase of divorce rates in the over 60s age range that it has now been labeled a... [Read More] 1358
Dating Detox designed to help "toxic singles"
There are 13 million singletons in the UK.5 to 6 million of them haven’t been on a date for the past... [Read More] 1357
Celebrities Greatest Kisses
Celebrities were asked to reveal their most memorable kiss for a Youtube video made by the British H... [Read More] 1359