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Silver Separations: Rising Divorces In the UK
Such is the rapid increase of divorce rates in the over 60s age range that it has now been labeled a... [Read More] 1358
Dating Detox designed to help "toxic singles"
There are 13 million singletons in the UK.5 to 6 million of them havenít been on a date for the past... [Read More] 1357
Sing Date on Sky TV
Sky Living HD†aims to use the love of singing to try and help someone find love.One lucky lady who l... [Read More] 1356
National Kissing Statistics
Only five per cent of over 45s manage more than 30 kisses a week A new survey has found that 1 in 5 ... [Read More] 1352
First UK dating site for fat people signs up 1,000 people in its first 12 hours
The first online dating agency - - for those blessed with natural curves has just ... [Read More] 1351
Are Irish men really the most ugly in Europe?
The crazed notion that Irish men are the continentís least beautiful people has come from online dat... [Read More] 1350
Ireland's Mini Baby Boom
Ireland is experiencing a mini baby-boom since the economic collapse. The CSO has released data show... [Read More] 1354
Dating Safety: telling your friends?
We've written our own guide to dating safety but we've noticed that a few sites and "exper... [Read More] 1342
Divorced men are suddenly such a catch!
48,000 single British women are actively seeking men with a failed marriage behind them.According to... [Read More] 1330
Lessons learned from 100 Blind Dates
Ursula Hirschkorn and editor, writing for the dating column for the Daily Mailís Weekend Magazine pl... [Read More] 1339