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Divorced men are suddenly such a catch!
48,000 single British women are actively seeking men with a failed marriage behind them.According to... [Read More] 1330
Is your boyfriend good Marriage Material?
There is no perfect way to find out if you are with your Mr Perfect. In fact If you are looking for ... [Read More] 1309
10 Dos and Donts Of Grown Up Dating
Every week for a year, Ursula Hirschkorn writing the dating column for the Daily Mail’s Weekend maga... [Read More] 1304
Ever wondered why your guy walked out on you?
New Australian website - offers help to people distressed and unhappy in love. Do y... [Read More] 1305
Qualities That Women Find Attractive In Divorced Men
“If you’ve been married, you know how good it feels to be someone’s special person — even if it didn... [Read More] 1303
Women dating men may want to check their hands, re
Women hoping to make a success of the dating game might be wise to look at a man's hands before... [Read More] 1173
Internet dating couple opt for TACO wedding
A couple who met on an internet dating site have tied the knot at American fast food restaurant, Tac... [Read More] 1170
Male romance writer argues 'love is a universal em
People love reading about romance and relationships and the success of Mills and Boon is testament t... [Read More] 1169
The smell of attraction
A study has shown that women react to sweat produced by male sexual activity and that they may even ... [Read More] 1168
Internet dating 'accepted as best way of finding l
The number of people who take the plunge and join internet dating sites doubles in January and the p... [Read More] 1167